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What is the Planning Phase

Crocodic developed the planning phase to help companies that do not yet have a mature concept when they want to develop a system. with the planning phase, we help your company to find main problems, and solutions in the form of detailed requirements that can be used during development.

The planning phase has not yet entered the coding stage. The final result of the planning phase is a prototype that has been tested to be user friendly, as well as a list of technical requirements.

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When do I choose the
planning phase?


Does not yet have a clear development concept.


Difficulty translating current workflows into application or website concepts


Not having a design team to make prototypes and carry out testing


Have more budget to ensure the project meets user needs

Things that need to be


Development ideas


Current workflow flowchart


Prospective users must undergo a usability test

Deliverable Planning Phase

Portofolio Planning Phase


Planning phase for creating a fleet ordering system for shipping frozen goods.


Planning phase for creating a reporting system for each construction site.


Planning phase for developing an e-commerce system for purchasing song playback rights.

Other application & website development methods


Detailed requirements and scope of work.

Estimated development costs and duration are fixed.

Concept changes will incur additional development costs.


App/web with lots of flexibility.   

Focuses on development per module.

Fees will be calculated based on the number of days spent.


Hire programmers, designers, or project managers to help you develop projects.

Choose anyone who meets the qualifications your business needs

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