Service Mobile Native Development
Year 2019/2020
Client MPM Rent
Duration 3-4 Month
Our Solution
Traditional Management Order
Complicated Scheduling
Giving assignments to drivers is still manual, still uses paper and takes a lot of time. The company admin doesn't know which driver
is ready to take orders.
Terrible Monitoring
There is no realtime monitoring of the driver's location and the driver's progress in completing his duties. This reduces the effectiveness of receiving further orders from clients.
Poor Report Collection
Reports during the run of duties from the driver cannot be received in real time by the company admin, expense notes, total travel time, and feedback from clients cannot be directly received by the admin.
Mobile Apps Management Order
Simple Scheduling
Fast and on target. By using a mobile application, scheduling and assigning tasks to users is more effective and efficient. It no longer takes long for clients to get what they want.
Great Monitoring
Monitoring the location of the driver in real time, and knowing the progress of each driver in carrying out his duties, increasing the effectiveness of receiving orders from clients.
Real Time Report Collection
Expense notes, total travel time, and feedback from clients can be received directly by the company admin in real time. This allows companies to quickly evaluate their performance.
Proven Solutions
Increase in monthly capacity of receiving orders.
Increase the success rate of monthly billing to clients.
Increase effectiveness of order completion.
Tim Crocodic yang di assign untuk MPM Rent semuanya memberikan support yang sangat baik. Requirements kami dapat di accomodate dengan baik, dan masukan yang diberikan pun sangat membantu. Thank you Crocodic, keep up the good work!
Irene Sekariyani
Application Owner - MPM Rent
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The Solutions We Provide
We allow MPM Rent to get data from every core activity carried out by the drivers, which they can use as a reference for evaluating and monitoring quickly and efficiently.
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