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What is
IoT Platform?

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform is a solution that allows your business to connect all types of electronic devices and sensors that have a special remote setup system provided and also easier, faster, and more flexible. The platform also enables better data management and superior analytical functionality.
Fitur IoT Platform
data mining
useful information
Real time
information analyst
decision making
The Internet of Things (IoT) will help your business to build IoT applications and solutions quickly, securely, and on-demand. It is very suitable for various companies, from fast-moving start-ups or even large companies.
IOT Benefit
Developing IoT applications and solutions to answer the challenges and problems faced according to your business needs.
Developing an ecosystem with integration features, both into existing applications, business communities, ERP, CRM, and social media, thus making your business grow in the digital world.
Allows you to create new business models and revenue sources with innovations, to turn device connectivity into new business potential.
A variety of pre-defined logic or API templates are available to connect with other applications or platforms easily.

Managing logistic and physical assets.
Helping you to understand device behavior and connectivity patterns to create appropriate solutions.

IoT System in Daily Life

Smart Autofeeder

Smart Autofeeder is an automatic fish feeding machine that is regulated using a smartphone. Smart Autofeeder helps fish/shrimp farmers to feed automatically, record feeding data, and connect to the internet.

IoT-based temperature measurement device

Check body temperature without any stand-by officer and also touchless. With an innovative IoT camera technology equipped with a body temperature sensor to help companies ensure employees are in a good health. This may save your operational costs and support the attendance system.
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