Industrial IoT Portfolio

Palm Oil Tank Monitoring System

Monitor your tank remotely to optimize operating efficiency.

Make informed decisions based on realtime data.

Reduce unnecessary work processes.


As commonly found in most Palm Oil plantations, almost all of production parameter measurement are recorded manually. the problems that emerge due to manual labor constraint are:


Requires travel time since machinery are located in remote.


Enability to adopt quick action whenever problem occurs.


Miss measurement due to manual recording system.


Miss measurement due to manual recording system



Potentially high risk area .


Improve Operations & Efficient Process

This solution allows you to precisely monitor the levels of all your tanks so you can monitor tanks more quickly and accurately. Any data you can use to make more transparent and fundamental business decisions.

Realtime Monitoring

Real time Machine and production Parameter monitoring by all crew and management.

Nimble Action

Able to take nimble action and decision based on displayed parameter.

Accident-free Working

Create accident-free working environment by minimizing high-risk labor.


Sensors in IoT have an important role, sensors have a function to collect various data needed regarding the external and internal environment.

Main Control Panel

Function & Specification


Read up to 33 sensor with various Signal.





Connected Through Internet via LAN or Wifi, Bluetooth / BLE, Lora & etc.


Display compatible with various Platform 

(Web based, GUI, SCADA, Mobile Apps, etc)



Display : LCD 7 Inch

Touchscreen with Power : 220 VAC.


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