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4 Critical Key Questions before You Decide to Develop Mobile Applications

By : crocodic 27 March 2017

4 Critical Key Questions before You Decide to Develop Mobile Applications

7 of 10 clients who came to us for develop mobile application may unworthy. Most of them follow the trends, some others due not knowing for sure their needs. If enforced, this would certainly give rise to inefficiency in your company. Therefore, we must ensure choosing to use mobile applications is the right steps so that it can generate impact for your business.

There for 4 key critical questions are very easy but it is important to be answered before you decide to integrate mobile application into your business;

  1. Any problems so You must develop mobile applications?

The first step before any corporates deciding  own policy is to clearly identify the problem what happened. Don’t think the technology it used to at the beginning, collect as many as possible alternative solutions. Compare the cost effort of some of these solutions, so that we’ll get the most efficient point.

  1. Does the problem should be solved with mobile applications?

Identify the functionality application whether should be use mobile applications. If the system that you need only to display the text and images, then the web platform is the most efficient. If the system requires interaction with user, offline data storage, access to position, and others, it will application solution.

  1. Do your target (user) are ready to use it?

Aside from the development, the mobile application user have more effort of choosing an application. Compared web application based, mobile application need longer chain, the user must search the Playstore (if the application for the public), download, install then survive to use it. It took a lot of technical and non-technical requirements for getting the user acquisition.

In addition to the number of ownership, make sure that the prospective user have the technical ability to use mobile devices. Do a little research to make sure your user profile.

  1. How the measurement of ROI?

Calculate potential losses over the issue, or the gains will be obtained with the integration of mobile applications, then prepare the budget according the value of problems or profit. Because user acquisition chains more longer than web based, you must prepare more budget in the process of marketing (if the application for public).

Even though your company has more budget, and your consultant said that it was time to use the mobile application, but remains discreet, select the most essential features, so that the budget needed could be more efficient. If the budget still fulfill, prepared for the research and development for the next feature.

So, there are 4 easy and essential things you need to know before decided to development mobile applications in your business. If there are still problems that want to discuss more intense, you can contact our consultants here

Thanks, hopefully useful.

Writer : M. Hamrowi

Translator : Annastalia Budi L.